12May, 2020

What Makes Enterprise SEO and Does Your Site Need It?

Usually, a misconception exists that an Enterprise company is eligible for Enterprise SEO and none other, but this is not true! An enterprise company is usually a sizeable successful corporation featuring in the Fortune list of companies or the Global list of companies. However, one considers a company to be eligible for Enterprise SEO based on the amount of content on the website rather than the scale of the company.Many marketers agree that a company with 1000+ pages on its website is eligible for Enterprise SEO.

With a large-scale website, it becomes challenging to navigate through the various internal links, which can hamper the ranking of the website significantly.Thus, it is essential because with proper SEO, one could benefit from asignificant amount of earnings natural and organic search has to offer. It might so happen that the competitors are doing SEO slightly better, and therefore, are driving traffic and revenue away from the company. Therefore, Enterprise SEO is essential not only to get traffic and revenue but also to maintain the image of the company.

In this digital era, one needs to go with the flow or be left behind. So, here are a few Enterprise SEO strategies that one could benefit from:

Manage Internal Links

Internal links define how well one’s website is connected, and it is these links that tell search engines the content, structure, and relationship with other pages, which help in them getting crawled and indexed. Nevertheless, managing a growing site of a large scale is extremely difficult, and it so happens that one can lose track of the internal links. So, with the help of some SEO tools, one can reduce the amount of chaos leading to better management of information flow, leading to better optimization.

Keyword Intent

Gone are the days where search engines rank a page higher up based on specific keywords that match certain criteria. Today, people demand the exact content they are looking for, and thus, search engines have adapted to the demand. Therefore, keyword research must be an amalgamation of the criteria required and the user intent. Understanding the intent will help approach to the topic, the structure, and the content of the webpage. Though it may sound simple, understanding it is a significant challenge every digital marketer faces, and therefore, one could take the help of experts instead of manually approaching the problem.

Improve Outreach

One cannot merely increase traffic by making changes to one’s website because unless a user is not aware of the site’s existence, whatever one does at home is worthless. Therefore, it is imperative to improve outreach through backlinks and WOM. However, initially, one needs to understand what the customers are searching for and where they are looking for it. Based on this, one could create quality content, target trusted sources of customers, and start reaching out.

Featured Snippets and Schema

As search engines evolve, so does the scheme markup. With being introduced to increase the CTR, many sites have begun to adopt the new schema, but are slow in doing so. Being an early adopter would give the advantage of testing and improving the schema before the competition can, and by the time they adopt it, one can quickly be driving clicks. A classic example is that of the FAQ schema.

Similarly, targeting featured snippets would drive traffic and leads because featured snippets usually take most of the spotlight from other search results, thereby reducing competition. By not including the two in the strategy, competitors would benefit easily.


These are some of Enterprise SEO strategies that may help in getting noticed by the search engines as well as the users. Since these techniques require in-depth knowledge and understanding of the strategies, it is better to take expert opinion rather than tackling the problem alone.

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