09Aug, 2016

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2016

Here are the leading social media marketing trends that are ruling the industry at present.

 Immediacy with Video

Advertisers and users love immediacy, which is also the fundamental aspect of the internet. The new live feature on social media platforms called Live and Periscope allows users and brands to reach their fans and users in real time. Such features are going to rule the future marketing trends.

 Social Video Will Be on Peak

Social videos are going to be at their best moments in 2016. Most of the social media platforms are going to support this format in their publications. It has become so famous that YouTube is in a danger zone.

The current year is really seeing how people are sharing videos about products and their moments and the response is really mind-blowing. Videos are something that can captivate one’s mind and very easily take things to the spotlight. Humans can easily relate to the videos; however, even if the content is not understandable, it will take things near to your understanding if the content is multimedia.

Instagram Will Boom

Instagram, being one of the largest bases in the world of social media, is now proud to have millions of active users. The platform is still growing and is one of the competitive platforms for all other social media channels. With the outgrowing reach of social media platform like Instagram, companies have expanded their marketing budget. As a result, Instagram plays a center stage role in advertising and other campaigns. Instagram will play the maximum role in online advertising strategies.


FaceBook Will Play an Integral Role in Search Definitions

Most of users looking for a product or a review usually end up at Facebook profile page from brands and shops. So, Facebook is now also keen to take the issue seriously and about to introduce more technicalities that can segregate the deliveries upon any search queries more efficiently and accurately. As a result, it will play an integral role in the search engine standards and it will try to maximize the value of the deliveries towards any search. Another platform, Pinterest allows users to zoom in any part of the uploaded images and also let them get all the related images on Pinterest.


Facebook for Work

It will be a communication application for organization’s internal communications. Facebook at Work is one of the fresh launches, which will run simultaneously with the personal profile. Here the work environment is where the personal updates are not merged with the official profile on Facebook at Work. As a result, it provides higher degree of security in publications and tries to create bonding among the employees.


These are top five social media marketing trends in 2016 that will not only help the businesses to grow, but also let them reach out in a cost efficient manner.

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