13Jul, 2020

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools to Use in 2020

Digital marketing tools are experiencing multiplying demand with each passing day. There are 4 key points to consider before choosing your tools for optimizing conversion ratios, earning more leads, getting to your target consumer base with a profitable budget and evaluating them. 

Digital marketing has the potential to help any business (irrespective of size) to accomplish so many things, when used properly with the correct tools for digital marketing, each intended for dealing with different facets of commerce. For instance, MailChimp is a great tool for any business handling eCommerce shipping India to monitor and handle email interactions with clients. The following are the top 5 digital marketing tools to use in 2020.


You have to check out SEMRush if you really want to enhance your SEO techniques. It is an amazing and useful digital marketing tool. It helps in conducting keyword researches, tracking positions, and specifying backlink opportunities. This tool is also useful for performing a detailed technical audit for SEO. 


HubSpot is a quintessential tool for everything that is inbound. In case you are interested to learn more regarding inbound marketing, HubSpot Academy is the perfect place for you with a vast compilation of certification courses to teach you valuable information that will help you grow your business endeavor


Proof connects with the CRM or website of your company and utilizes social proof to increase conversions on the website. They execute social proof messaging, user reviews, and videos aimed at the targeted audience once they reach your site.

The much-liked Live Visitor Count and Hot Streak notification qualities boost customers’ understanding of your brand, and lets possible customers look at how other customers have reacted to your service or product. Besides, it’s really simple to install.


Yoast is a really prominent plugin that functions on Gutenberg as well as the Classic editor in WordPress. It is an outstanding tool to help one optimize their content for search engines.

Yoast will assist you to choose cornerstone content, emphasize keywords to improve rank, create individual content URLs, and internal links for an extra boost. The plugin also assesses the readability of your page and gives it a Flesch Reading Ease score.


Hotjar helps you to evaluate and comprehend the personality of the visitors to your website with interesting stats gotten from recording website visitors, scroll maps, click maps etc. The tool also lends you access to feedback surveys for obtaining feedback that can in turn help you to know your website visitors better.

Hotjar completes the data and insights obtained from conventional tools like Google Analytics. It’s a prominent and easy-to-use tool that puts together analysis and feedback tools to help one know the actually happenings on their site, what their users want, and what they want to say.

Among these bunch of different tools to take care of your marketing difficulties head-on, the only question left is to determine where to focus on first. Which tool will work best with the structure of your business and its ultimate goals?

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