10Mar, 2022

The Importance of Uptime in Web Hosting

Uptime of a website means the amount of time that a website is available to its visitors. When a website is up, the visitor will be able to access its pages or services.The uptime of a website is based on the web server that it is running on. One can use this aspect as a factor to analyse the credibility of a web hosting provider.

A web hosting provider with good uptime allows the domain owner to host his website with the hosting provider confidently. Hostgator.com is one such hosting provider that ensures 99.9% uptime. If ahosting provider has low uptime, then the website owner can lose trust in the service and shift to a better hosting service.

Here are a few reasons that justify the importance of uptime in web hosting.

Better Ranking

The ranking of a website can get down if the uptime of a website is not stable and is facing frequent downtime due to poor web hosting. Also, if the uptime of the website is good, then the ranking will get better in the search engine results.

More Traffic 

When the rank increases, it automatically increased the traffic and visitorsto the website. It is very important to choose a web hosting service that gives the best uptime for a website. In this way, there will be no loss of customers, which can harm the business website.

More Sale & Profit 

When more traffic and visitors come to the website, the sales and profit will increase. Also, when there is downtime, a potential customer will get lost, which in turn decreases the sales and profit.

Save Time

With frequent downtime problems, a website owner will have to spend a lot of time communicating with the hosting service provider to fix the issue. This is not the case with a hosting provider that ensures good uptime. You can spend the time that you save here for other important work.

Higher Productivity

The employees of abusiness will not be able to work when the website is down. This leads to wastage of money in terms of their salary payment for unproductive hours. But a website with good uptime faces no such losses and can generate more revenue, profit and productivity.

Increased Customer Trust

When a website is down at the time of need, a customer may lose trust and credibility in it. Visitors should be able to access the website without any downtime to maintain their trust and confidence. With good uptime, the customers’ trust will improve, which will benefit the business.

Good uptime is equally important for the business of both the website owner and the hosting provider. It helps the website owner to trust the hosting provider to run his business on their web hosting server. It also helps web hosting providers to make more business from hosting service customers in long run.

It is always better to choose a dependable hosting provider for the best uptime of the website.

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