26May, 2020

SEO vs. Google Ads: Which Approach Is More Effective?

It is a raging debate. Which is a better approach out of the two, SEO or Google Ads? Adwords and SEO are the building blocks of Search Engine Marketing.There are situations where both these aspects should be used in combination. However, both of them can separately be used effectively according to your goal or business plan.

Now let us take a look at the differences before plunging into the ocean to find out what’s better for you.


Adwords is specifically for Google websites and websites that are listed as users of Google Adsense. SEO kind of works on all search engines available. You have to pay for the traffic you obtain from Google Adwords, while the traffic brought in by SEO is organic and free.

Time Taken to Ensure Results

Adwords will display your site or offering on the top of the Google search page result, while you will have to continuously work and optimize the page consistently to rank it among the top results on the search engine page.Adwords will offer you immediate traffic as it is a paid campaign, while SEO will take time, and the website will gradually see an increase in its traffic.


Calculation of ROI when it comes to Adwords is relatively easy, while for SEO, there are a lot many factors that go into the picture. Traffic from Adwords will stop after the paid campaign is over, while SEO traffic is organic will continue to bring in visitors.

Focus on Keywords

SEO focuses on a few keywords, while with Adwords, you can target multiple keywords. You can also advertise on various Google Sites while using Adwords; meanwhile, the application of SEO is limited only to search engine result pages.

So now,let’s take a look at which approach suits you better.

Adwords is an excellent choice for new companies and startups looking for immediate visibility and results to carry forward with their objectives. You will pay Google for every visit, but if the campaign results in purchases and if you earn profits, then these investments are justified. Adwords can help new companies to venture into new possibilities, find new customers, test new products, and they can review their processes and the effectiveness of the website. But all these things should be done cautiously; otherwise, your money would vanish in thin air.

While Adwords is faster, SEO will eventually bring in the traffic.With the help of social media and by creating the right content that aligns with your business, you can reach a wider audience.

To conclude, I would like to say an optimal mix of these strategies is the way forward. Get some of the traffic from Adwords to bring in immediate traffic and, in the meantime, continue working on SEO and social media to get the organic visits. The quality of your product and your service will eventually combine with SEO in granting you long term and sustainable visibility in the eyes of the customers.

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