20Feb, 2011

SEO Tips to Overcome Google Sandbox Effect

Well, if you’re new to blogging and internet marketing business, then you may suffer from a dreadful disease – the google sandbox effect. So you ask – what is google sandbox effect after all!
Put in simple words, it is Google’s way of treating new sites, and not giving them high search engine rankings, and penalizing them until they get enough credibility over the internet.

You may be shocked to hear why would Google search engine penalize your site for being new; well, it’s not about being penalized for being new but penalized for having less number of links.

If you really optimize your site well, and build a whole lot of links in first 60-90days, you can not only overcome the Google sandbox effect, but also get a really solid Google Pagerank of 2, 3 or even 4.

Therefore, it’s always advisable to set-up the homepage for your site/blog, and build links within 24-48hours after it goes live on the internet.

After that, you must consistently build links over the next 30days through various forum posting, blog commenting, article marketing, and all possible ways.

Web directory and feeds directory submissions also help a good deal, especially during the first 2-3months.

Last but definitely not the least, you must ensure that you have minimum 60,000 words of meaningful content on your site; if you’ve a corporate you can open up a blog and keep adding fresh content to it on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, trying to improve the Alexa traffic rank of your site will also help you in getting out of the Google sandbox at the earliest.

Remember, stat away from Blackhat SEO otherwise the sandbox effect may extend into a lifelong ban from google search results, and your site will never get top rankings!

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