22Nov, 2011

Valuable SEO Tips for Link Building: Adding Self Links and Home-Page Links on Blog Posts

SEO Link Building Techniques, Link Building in SEO for BeginnersMore often than not, we tend to be too busy doing hundreds of things that seem to be extremely important, but somehow miss out on those tiny things that make a huge difference from SEO point of view.

One of these aspects is adding self links and links to home page of your blog; let’s cover this in detail today.

First of all, before you try this on your blog, it’s important to analyze the age of your blog, and number of blog posts.

Adding links to homepage of your blog will only make a difference if you’ve got hundreds of blog posts with PR0 or higher pageranks, and possibly several subdomains or directories.

Installing Multiple WordPress Versions on Various Directories

Before we discuss more about links to home-page another valuable SEO tip would be to set-up a new wordpress installation on each directory rather than using several categories of same wordpress installation.

For example, if you’ve an auto blog like latestautoreviews.com, you may want to install wordpress on several directories like latestautoreviews.com/audi,latestautoreviews.com/hyundai, latestautoreviews.com/bmw, latestautoreviews.com/vw, and so on.

The benefit of doing this is that google treats each wordpress installation as an independent entity, and you can target specific keywords on those directories, rather than doing it all on the homepage.

Giving Links to Homepage Wisely!

Coming back to our discussion of linking to homepage from individual blog posts, it makes sense to use a different anchor text every time, otherwise Google may count these links as SPAM, and they’ll be of simply no use.

Secondly, DON’T over-use the keyword in an effort to use your primary keyword as anchor text for linking to homepage, the respective blog post, as well as the corresponding category.

Once you’ve about 200-250 blog posts with PR0 or higher, you’ll see a significant boost in the pagerank of homepage of your blog; so, try this out and see how it improves SEO of your blog.

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