27Aug, 2020

SEO for Logistics Businesses: What You Need to Know?

Your logistics business is not all about offering high-quality products, timely deliveries, and COD courier services in India. Ranking your logistics business website at the top in the search results in Google or any other engine is equally important but challenging. It is crucial to ensure that a business draws in more and more buyers. SEO enables you to create your content in a manner that it catches the interest of the crawlers. According to reports, approximately 15% of the leads generated with the help of SEO generates successful sales conversions. SEO utilizes effective transportation keywords for higher ranking of the website in the SERPs.

Optimizing Targeted Keywords

It is not that every logistics company offers the same benefits to the same kind of business. While a few may deliver to a particular segment and tailor their services to that segment’s specific requirements, few others may use a particular strategy to differentiate them from other firms. It is important to explain such distinctions in the keywords used.

Use the chosen keywords or phrases across your site, involving page titles as well as headers. In case you have not done this by now, you must also build a menu for your services and have a separate page for every kind of service. This enables searchers to steer directly from a search engine right to the page that has the required information. So, they will not be spending their time scrolling through elaborate paragraphs of unrelated information. If your keywords are more specific, you are all the more likely to target the correct leads.

Social Media Presence

Internal as well as external components influence search engine rankings. Social media happens to be an example of the second type. A proactive social media page has the potential to boost the rankings of your site and assist you to reach out to more audiences so as to allow your company to target potential customers by creating and managing accounts where they spend time.

You can post updates regularly,as well as links to fresh content, new stories in your niche etc. Follow your consumers on these platforms and share any updates, and in the process, they might do the same when it comes to your posts. You may also take part in discussions in industry-related forums for building credibility amongst colleagues in order to grow your prominence on social media. This way, you will boost your website’s authority as well.


The logistics industry is fairly complex, often technical, and always targets complicated buyers or influencers. Therefore, SEO content needs to be exceptionally well-crafted by the copywriters who know the terminology of logistics to write convincing, plausible content on the basis of your inputs. Always search for a skilled logistics copywriting team while looking for an SEO agency for your logistics and transportation business.

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