21May, 2011

Power of Social Media Marketing

Search engine optimization has definitely been the most important aspect that decides the SERP rankings of a website, but after all, SEO is done to get more traffic, and in turn generate more business, and greater revenues. If the same can be achieved via other means, and that too within a much shorter frame of time, wouldn’t it be simply amazing.

We aren’t really talking about black-SEO tactics here, but rather we’re referring to the power of social media sites a.k.a SMO.
The Power of Social Media

With folks starting their day with a Twitter update, sharing pictures of lunch time on Facebook, connecting to friends on MySpace for dating and fun, and contacting the professionals on LinkedIn Social Media has become so powerful that it can even surpass the impact of SEO, rather than simply replacing it.

However, it doesn’t really apply in every case, since the power of social media can only be leveraged when you’ve got a brand to promote, and more importantly, you can reach a wider range of social media users rather than just tens and hundreds of them in your friendlist.

Does SEO Produce Slow Results?

Well, the answer would be YES in most cases, but it all depends on the keyword phrases that you try to rank for. Highly competitive keyword phrases are really tough to rank for, and may require lot of efforts and time, but if you target the low competition long-tail keywords, the SEO process could be faster, and more efficient too.

Hence, SEO and SMO are two facets of web optimization, and one can leverage combination of SEO and SMO to drive lot of targeted traffic to their site, as well as to boost up their search rankings in major search engines, and take their business to the next level.

No matter whether you need to leverage the power of organic SEO or social media marketing, Webfosys can help!

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