13Nov, 2010

Learning Latest Web Technologies: CSS Basics

here may be several factors that play a major role in the success of an IT company but the latest technologies as well as the quality services provided to the clients top the list of reasons for success.

There are new technologies hitting the market at a high rate; so it is very important that every company updates itself according to the trends in the technological sector.

This post will introduce you to the latest web technologies; every week you will be learning about one of the latest technologies for improving your knowledge and implementing a new trend.

For this week, we will be learning about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).


CSS: Remedy for Problems Faced with HTML Tagging

Before the development of CSS, HTML tagging was being used, which was a dreadful experience for web developers, especially while developing large websites. CSS was created by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to overcome the above problems. The three approved specifications for CSS are- CSS1, CSS2, and CSS3.

Dealing With Cascading Style Sheets

CSS is a web programming language for formatting a web document by including various fonts, spacing, and colors to it. It can be used for styling several markup language documents, the most important ones being HTML and XHTML.

In simple words, it is a way of defining how to display HTML elements. To start learning more about CSS, you need to have a basic knowledge of HTML and XHTML.

CSS Reduces Your Work!

CSS can save your work to a large extent; styles are saved with .css file extension.External style sheets allow you to modify the layout and look of all pages of a website by editing just a single file. Most of the browsers today support CSS to make processes cost effective and time efficient.

So, that was all about the CSS basics; stay tuned for more on latest web technological updates next week.

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