29Mar, 2011

Latest Information Technology News

Here are couple of interesting latest information technology news for you.

Mobile developers challenged to boost privacy

A competition for mobile application developers is being launched to address the Mobile Privacy Challenges and is held by American Civil Liberties Union. The competition is for portable devices and mobile applications. The competition is held to increase the awareness in mobile application users to stop privacy threats. The tools, which will be built in this competition, will be open source.

Due to constant change and advancement in mobile technology the privacy factors have not kept the pace and has lacked the proper security solutions. The Electronic Communication Privacy Act which was passed in 1986 is now outdated and needs to be rephrased. The applications will be examined and checked for security threats by experts from around the world like people from Tor project, Microsoft, Future of Privacy Forum.

The judging criteria includes seriousness of the privacy issue, effectiveness, originality, portability, performance, and quality.
Microsoft previews Windows Small Business Server 2011

Microsoft launched a preview of its new Operating System for small business and termed it as Windows Small Business Server 2011. The OS is targeted for small organization. The standard packages also include SBS, remote access, and deployment for employees.

The new OS is built on the skeleton of Windows Server 2008 R2, and is equipped with features to manage email, calendars, file sharing, and many more. The administrators can manage the security aspects, Windows Updates and can browse the internet. The ability to host database and run business application is also included. The installation process is very much simplified.

The guidance tutorials have also been included so that the users can set up anything like networks without the administrator’s help. The remote access functionality has also been improved. The new OS comes in two editions as Standard and Essentials with 75 and 25 users respectively. The Operating system is now available for download from Microsoft’s download center.

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