15Jun, 2020

How to Recover Lost SEO Traffic and Rankings?

Well,it is a tricky question and often the one that is asked the most. In some instances, a site starts losing its organic traffic and business owners go into panic mode. And the fear is well justified; reduced traffic means slower leads, whichputs the business in trouble. But in most cases, you do not lose it all, and the reasons for the slowdown and lower rankings are usually aspects that we neglect.Let us take a look at what you can do as a business owner to bring back the glory days.

First, you need to gather information.So, if you are familiar with Google Analytics, then this will be easy for you. On Google Analytics, look at the graph showing the traffic from all channels. Now here we are searching for a date since when there is a sharp or noticeable decline. Mostly it happens when you redesign your business website. Now, this can be further confirmed if only organic traffic decreases while all other channels remain steady. If that’s the case, then you need to look into the redesign and keywords.

Next, we have to look for historical data, mostly the keywords for which our website used to rank earlier. Visiting Wayback Archive will help you understand what is missing as you can directly compare the ranking version with the current one and look at how the changes over time have affected the organic traffic.

Recognizing the problem is what you have to be good at. One needs to check whether the content on the website has gone stale, or is it still relevant to the market trend. You need to analyze the backlinks to the site. It can also be a case that one of your competitors has used black hat SEO techniques and launched an attack. Look whether the whole category or few pages or a specific page. Check whether some of the keywords are still bringing in the traffic. Look at the user experience and page speed of the pages which are currently ranking for those keywords and how you can make yours better than them.Check for deadlinks and broken backlinks.

Google penalizes your site if it doesn’t think the site is mobile friendly. Reduce the loading time. Most of the users hate websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. You also need to check server speed. Reducing the loading time should be your long term strategy. Make sure your site is free from unnecessary code. Try and keep the site lightweight, remove any content you deem unwanted. Another issue that can result in lower ranking and loss of traffic can be changed in Google’s ranking algorithms.

So this happens with almost everyone in the industry, but what is essential is that you recognize the problem and bounce back. We discussed a few of the common causes. Do let us know your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.


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