28Nov, 2016

How to Create a Website for Complete Online Presence of Your Business?

With almost every business having its online presence today, it’s no more a choice but rather a compulsion to create a website for your business and establish a strong presence on the web.

Are you worried about the intricacies and costs involved in designing a website? If that’s what is bothering you, ignore your concerns and make the most out of the free drag-and-drop website builders that can make your job easy without paying anything.

Once you’ve built the website with easy drag-and-drop tools, all you have to do is find a great hosting provider, who can get your site up and running in no time.

The Best Hosting Provider

How about a hosting provider that can also let you build your site quickly with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop features? Wondering if there’s anything of that sort at all?ipage

Try iPage – the best hosting provider that lets you build your website and also offers you a fully-loaded hosting package along with a free domain name.

There’s much more to availing the hosting services of iPage apart from the ones mentioned above. In fact, it lets you manage everything related to the online presence of your business. Get all the tools that you need to succeed online at iPage.

Here are some more compelling reasons to choose iPage hosting:

  • Windows-based and Linux-based web hosting
  • Unlimited email accounts, disk space, and bandwidth
  • Useful Weebly site-building program
  • Robust support for third party applications

With a deep set of features and inbuilt tools for launching a blog, setting up a store and running a website, iPage is a great choice of hosting solution provider.

Setting up Your Hosting Account

Follow these simple steps and within no time your hosting account will be set up.

  • Visit the homepage of iPage and navigate to the ‘Hosting’ tab’.


  • Find out the most appropriate plan for your hosting needs and click on ‘Sign up’ for the chosen plan.


  • On the page that follows, enter your existing domain name. Or if you want to register a new domain, enter your preferred domain name in the respective field.


  • Click on Checkout.


  • You will get a popup asking to create a account click on the button.


  • You will now reach a web page, where you will have to enter your personal contact details, payment information, and purchase information.


  • Finally, after entering all these details, you can check out, finish your payment, and within a few minutes your website will be hosted on iPage.


The whole process is as simple as that!

How to Set up WordPress on iPage?

Now that your website it hosted, get ready to set up WordPress on your iPage account. Follow these simple steps to do that!

  • Login to your iPage account.


  • Go to your ‘Control Panel. Navigate to the ‘Scripting and Add-on’s’ section and click on the InstallCentral icon.


  • Later, you will be redirected to a page to install WordPress.


  • Click on ‘Begin Installation’ to install WordPress on your website. Following that, select the domain that you wish to run in WordPress. If the domain is all set for installation, click the ‘Check Domain’ tab.


  • Finally, select ‘Install now’ to install WordPress in the chosen domain.

Now WordPress is installed on your iPage account. Start creating web content for your site!


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