27Jul, 2017

Few Things That You Must Know Before Buying Instagram Followers

These days, buying Instagram followers for just couple of bucks has become one of the prime marketing strategies in businesses. The phenomena to buy followers is popular in all realm of industries, but still many popular search engines resist to go for it as they believe that such practices may degrade their loyal customer base.

Today, media is quite alert about the fake followers and keen to bring such cases into limelight. As a result, many companies now hesitate to capitalize such plans. Recently, Instagram took a vital step for discarding all spam followings. The fact is that photo sharing tycoon is not only the prey of such mafias, but other famous social media platforms like Twitter have also been hit by such harpoons and have also taken essential steps to eliminate such users.

Instagram has started to wipe all the fake accounts as a result of which many accounts that were based on fake followers like politicians, celebrities, and bloggers are in great threat. However, such an initiative will encourage the real players in the market who have developed a rich loyal customer volume based on true popularity.

May be intentionally or non-intentionally, but the fact is that most of the celebrities and politicians have fake fan following. In the year 2012, former republican presidential candidate Romney displayed an ownership of 116,000 followers in one day. The question is that – is selling fake followers a business? Yes, the trade is flourishing like anything and the day is not far when the market will be flooded with fake profiles and dissatisfied customers.

Today, bunches of fake followers are sold for a price of $5 per 100 followers – $5 per 1000 followers. Anybody can enrich their knowledge base about buying Instagram followers by visiting http://buyfollowersguide.com/instagram-followers-reviews. Accordingly, they will come to know about the trends of the market and take a wise decision about the progress.

As per a report from YTView, there are agencies that spend more than $10,000 monthly to purchase fake Instagram followers. Many famous TV stars, artists, and musicians are the clients of YTView and as per the owner they hold a strong base of more than 50,000 customers.

Now, most of the agencies are acquainted to such practices, but the thing that all must be clear about is that if you are targeting a temporary customer base then fake followers may work but when you are looking for long term project than it’s strongly advisable to go organically and retain loyal and genuine followers.


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