12Dec, 2016

Few Negative SEO Strategies to Avoid

SEO is a vast field that comprises of many strategies; at times, it can be tough to sort out what to follow and what not. When managing your website on your own, you should know the strategies that help to get better ranking as well as those methods that would cause troubles if utilized. The content should be relevant to the website and customers. You shouldn’t try short cuts to play with Google’s algorithms.


Take a look at the negative, yet very common SEO strategies that hurt a site’s search rankings. The SEO field has expanded due to the endless usage of web. Whether used for personal or business promotion, it is a way to get better rankings and increase the visibility more and more with every passing day. Like all other industries, this also has both good and bad practices. Certain wrong methods can hamper the reliability of the site. Some of the mistakes or negative trends are listed below and they should be avoided to keep your website safe in both economy and society.

Paid Links

Link building strategies are many; initially people used to comment on blogs and forums to get links. As Google became very strict with these methods, people started buying links. Having thousands of links may look awesome, but if all are from paid resources, and then it leaves the worst effect. If your website has too many paid links, then you could soon experience its bad effect. There are many services and sites convincing webmasters to pay for getting links from other sources. You might get hundreds of links for just $5, but blindly linking them to your page can lower your ranking. The backlinks should be from reputable sites/blogs and it should be related to your niche. While getting links from well-known and trusted sites is good for SEO, Google can de-index if it finds out they’re paid links.

Irrelevant Content

It is very important to choose the topic of the post that is relevant to your industry, business, and users. Keyword stuffing is yet another bad tactic that many people still follow. KW stuffing and irrelevant content is one bad practice, which pinches the optimization world. You need to give informative content and not just stuff the KW to rank higher. People do not wish to read the post where 20 percent of the article is filled with the same word. It is important to maintain relevancy of the content, no matter you are writing for your own website or contributing to someone else’s site. Relevant, fresh, and unique content helps in getting better ranking.

Spam Comments

If you decide to pay for services that offer you link from websites through commenting, invest in some better and useful methods. If you like some posts genuinely, comment and give some suggestions, linking back to your site, it is fine. But if you comment on every possible site, then there is high chance of damage to your brand, when potential clients or users see those links connected with poorly written, spammy comments.

In this modern optimization world, it is extremely important to keep updated and follow the right tactic.

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