05Apr, 2017

How Recognition Awards Help in Making Strong Relationships

Success and strength of a business depend on the kind of staff that is not only committed but is also competent. Employer-employee relationship makes or breaks a business and loyalty of staff is something that should be earned. Giving regular awards for achievements to staff is one of the best ways to strengthen the bonds between the two parties. This also builds loyalty of the […]

26Nov, 2012

Wipro Plans to Focus on Banking Services for 2013

Wipro Technologies confirmed that it’s working on upcoming markets in Latin America, Africa, as well as Asia to expand its refined IT fields for banking services. Suresh Raman, the chief of Banking Sales for Japan, Asia, and Pacific told to press that Wipro would be working on these major regions over the next 3 years. The finance service industry, particularly banking sector is in the […]

29Mar, 2011

Latest Information Technology News

Here are couple of interesting latest information technology news for you. Mobile developers challenged to boost privacy A competition for mobile application developers is being launched to address the Mobile Privacy Challenges and is held by American Civil Liberties Union. The competition is for portable devices and mobile applications. The competition is held to increase the awareness in mobile application users to stop privacy threats. […]

29Nov, 2010

Features of 4G Wireless Systems

4G wireless systems are the buzzword in the technological advancements in this era. The salient features of 4G wireless systems are as follows • 4G systems support streaming video, voice calls, internet and many more broadband services • High levels of speed and high capacity at a lower cost leading to enhanced performance • High spectral efficiency • IP based mobile technology • Improved scheduling […]