If you are interested in building a career in the SEO industry, and willing to be different from the herd, we welcome you to join our workforce.

Content Writers

We are hiring content writers from all parts of the world. Trainees will have to understand what it takes to produce optimized content for search engines, but they won’t have to become creative writers!

Web Content Writers: We require high quality articles on a daily basis on a wide range of topics. And, we need tons of them – so we’re always in need of talented writers.

If you have got the flare to write on any particular industry such as health, insurance, finance, technology, or you’ve got the talent of writing great travelogues, we need you in our team!

We’re a growing digital marketing SME looking for talented writers to join our team. But, remember we hate plagiarism as much as we hate poor quality. So, if you struggle to write a cover letter (or far worse, don’t even know what that is), then please don’t bother sending your CVs to us!
Freshers are welcome, but we’d be happy to receive profiles from experienced writers.

Note: Those who’re expert in writing product reviews, latest technology news and Press Releases will be preferred.

SEO Experts

We’re also looking for SEO experts to research keywords, create highly optimized web-pages, and analyze the competing sites to ensure that the respective sites that we’re trying to optimize, stay on top of Google for the relevant keyword phrases.

Link Builders

We’re looking for experienced link builders to help us with our SEO projects, and build quality links on a daily basis.
If you’ve ever done any black-hat SEO as freelancer, or currently work for a small company that doesn’t value the importance of white-hat SEO and ethical search engine marketing, then please don’t bother to knock on our doors, for we need only hard-working SEO professionals, who never go against the ethics.

PHP Developers – WordPress Experts Only

We require flamboyant web designers who’re experts in tweaking with WordPress themes, and creating stunning designs in Adobe Photoshop, and also know how to use DreamWeaver with it.

Fresh graduates, please DON’T apply for this position, because we’re looking ONLY for experienced designers and PHP programmers who’ve got 2+ years of experience with WordPress (may we reiterate, only WordPress!)

UI/UX & Mobile App Developers

We’re looking for a good UI designer, as well as Android and iOS app developers, who have experience of creating an app from the scratch, and have the capability to handle server-side programming too.

So, if you have any of these qualities, then send over your profiles, (and if our managing director, Om Thoke, who by the way, loves to personally screen every single profile, finds that you’re worthy of joining our work-force), we’d schedule a quick interview.

Email your CVs to – and mark a copy to

Note: May we request you to send your profiles by e-mail and NOT to call us, and requesting us to schedule interviews! After sending your profile, please be patient, and allow us up to two weeks to scrutinize your profile, and get back. If you don’t hear back from us, please don’t be disappointed, it’s just that probably your profile isn’t suitable for our requirements.

If you’re looking to hone your SEO skills, you can alternatively consider joining our specialized SEO training academy in Bangalore, where we provide on-the-job training, and teach you the real deal!

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