28Jan, 2011

Agile Technologies: Definition and Why We Follow This Model

Agile technologies help the clients in requesting last moment changes to the requirements, and allow them to exercise maximum control over the development process.

Agile Technology Definition: Agile software development model is a software engineering framework that facilitates continuous changes in the web development life cycle.

This simply means that clients can make last moment changes to their requirements, and the developers need to accommodate those changes, and give the deliverable items in time, meeting the latest requirements.

Secondly, all the developers/team members of the project are expected to know in and out of the process, and can be assigned a specific task.

Consequently, a developer can’t restrict himself/herself to a specific task, and is forced to participate in the overall development process.

Why Do We Follow Agile Model?

Well, from a developer’s point of view, it sounds too scary, doesn’t it? However, when you see it at a broader level, Agile technology model allows every team member to learn the entire process, and give his/her inputs in the best possible manner, rather than contributing to a limited part of the project.

Furthermore, we at Webfosys Networks believe in exceeding our customers’ expectations, and most of the SEO, content writing, web design projects involve constant change in requirements; so we’re not afraid of those last minute changes! However, we DON’T entertain unreasonable changes to design requirements after the initial requirements are agreed upon.

So, would you like to follow Agile model, or give us a project based on the agile model – drop in your comments, e-mail me to om@webfosys.com, visit my personal SEO blog or follow me on Facebook

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