09Jun, 2020

A Guide to Growing Your Business by Branding Through SEO

Gone are the days when companies needed TV commercials and billboards to increase the visibility of their brands. But with the world getting more data-driven and towards the internet,companies should be mindful of the importance of brand visibility on the internet. Here are a few ways on how to grow your brand visibility and revenues by SEO techniques

  • Build Links Religiously: Unless your website is visible on the internet, you will not be successful in building a brand. The only way to do it is by building links. When indexing a page, the search engines look at not only the content of the page but also the number of links leading to that page from high authority external sites. Employing strategies like broken link building, designing infographics and being active on social media will help build strong links that lead back to the page. They also increase awareness on these platforms.

  • Optimize Keywords: Keywords are essential for any brand. They indicate customer intent. There are four types of keywords –
  1. Navigational: The intent here is to reach a specific domain or site.
  2. Informational: The intent is to know more about something like health tips.
  3. Transactional: The intent here is to find help in completing a transaction like buying or selling.
  4. Commercial: The intent here is to understand more about a product like price and description before making a purchase.

Understanding visitor intent will help you focus on the keywords you can invest in. In incorporating the keywords, especially long-tail keywords,is preferable as they have relatively lesser competition and cost along with high focus and conversion rate.

  • Harness the Power of Social Media and Web 2.0:Right now, almost everyone is on one or the other social media platform. Social media platforms are the best place for a brand to get recognition. Also, it is no secret that Google uses factors in Facebook, Twitter, Quora and Reddit presence as a ranking factor. To what extent is not known. Using social media to your benefit can increase your brand awareness at least tenfold. It has the potential to create backlinks to your pages and build an audience who use these links to visit your site, thereby increasing traffic. They also help in creating branded keywords and helps you engage with your followers. All these will positively affect your brand awareness.

  • Create Engaging Content:The preceding three are support activities for this. Creating engaging and relevant content for your visitors is very important for revisits. Your website’s content also determines your keywords that drive traffic on to your site. Writing content pieces about your brand is the obvious strategy. But, if you go further and write articles about related topics and products. The attention span of an average person on the internet is just 8 seconds. Your content should be engaging to hook him to stay longer on your site pages.

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