19May, 2020

8 Best Marketing Strategies for Your App

Developing an app is a tough task, but an even tougher task is to market it well. With intense competition in the app market, to make your app stand out from the rest, you need to market it well. Therefore, an effective marketing strategy is required, which will make people want to use your app.

Here are some of the strategies that can help you:

Identifying Prospective Consumers

It is important to know who the people will be to use your app. Try to find a demographic or a cohort, which might be interested in the functionality your app provides. Don’t try to impress everyone as habits and lifestyle vary across segments.

Analysis of the Competition

Market doesn’t only include your customers; it also comprises your competitors. Therefore, it is crucial to know about them and their strategies. The biggest benefit of this exercise will be that it will let you know what has worked and what hasn’t in the market. Hence, it tells you what marketing strategies you should not adopt for your app. Furthermore, it will help you in distinguishing yourself from others and finding your own voice to reach your target audience.

Sell the Experience

Experience doesn’t mean you burden your customers with high-tech jargon that they cannot grasp. It has been found that most consumers look for simple experiences offered by an app. Therefore, focus on how your app simplifies things for users rather than nitty-gritties of the workings of your app.

Increase the Visibility of Your App

Most people discover apps through browsing on app stores. So,optimise your store page. Therefore, design an appealing icon, provide a simple description,have a catchy title and use screenshots to sell the benefits of your app.

Create Content

Content can include both videos and blogs. For blogs, find the target keywords, do a write up and to improve your search engine’s rankings, link to influencers. For video content create a promo video highlighting the app’s best features.

Use Social Media

Social media platforms can help you to reach your target customers. Advertising on these platforms should be coupled with word of mouth such as posting of reviews by the people who have used this app. This can help your app gain popularity.

Try to Achieve Organic Lift

Once you achieve an optimal rank on the app store, the app will be available for more organic users. At this stage through a burst campaign can help you get a large number of downloads. Once you have the organic users the ad spending can be scaled down.

Regularly Analyse Results

Regular analysis will help you gain insights regarding the performance of your app. While monitoring your KPIs you should also keep in mind the user feedback and respond to their queries. Keep an eye on the analytics to observe which strategies are being more successful.

With the abundance of apps available on app stores you need to have a potent marketing strategy for success. Thus, be creative and devise marketing strategies which will create brand awareness and drive traffic.

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