20May, 2020

5 Web Design Tricks to Grow Your Business Exponentially

Running a business is indeed very taxing where you not only need to be the jack of all the trades but also the master of all as well. Juggling through finance, marketing, operations, and human resourcing, you also need to focus on growing your business and competing in this world of cutthroat competition. And one of the best tools to help you in optimizing your business strategies is your website.

As per a research, owning a business website is very essential today for the growth of the business. With an online presence, you can be active with 24*7 marketing strategies, better serve your customers, connect to a wider audience, and sell your products outside your geographic boundaries. So, it becomes even more imperative to have a highly engaging web site and there comes the trickiest part, the web design aspect.

A website reflects your business, your purpose, and as per the studies, it helps to build customer trust. But to achieve this purpose, your website should be highly engaging and dynamic that could be accessed by customers with ease. How do we do that? Well, a very creative set of web designing tricks.

Here are the top five smart tricks to make your website compelling to visit:

  1. Greet Them with Visuals- A Video Landing Page

A must-have page on your website. Half of the human brain is devoted to visuals, and 7/10th of social sensory reception is located in the eyes. Nearly 90% of the companies use video for marketing, and almost 80% ofthe users watch the video over the net, then why should you not devote a video landing page to your website. It helps in catching the attention of the user, make them feel at ease, give them the confidence to navigate through your products by introducing and entertaining them with a short, crisp video.

But don’t make the mistake of embedding YouTube videos on your page, instead, put some efforts to make your own video. Introduce it as an autoplay video or put some call-to-action to play your video and get your customer hooked.

  1. Let Them Navigate with Ease – Parallax Scrolling

Internet users are getting lazier, and traditional use of buttons to navigate through pages is a complete turnoff. People like to move through your site with ease and in a free-flowing way. Integrate parallax scrolling and let your consumers consume information without even realizing that they are being exposed to different pages on your website. The more information they consume, the more trust they build for your website and your products.

  1. Understand Your Customer Needs- Integrate AI

AI is a great tool to help you understand the customer’s needs and what they are looking for using their past experiences. This will help you target your customer with exactly what they need before they run out of steam using parallax scrolling. The easier the customers find the products of their need, the more confident they are and trust your business to make a purchase.

AI helps in giving your consumers the special feel, and integrating a chatbox makes it easier to serve them and solve their queries without putting them on hold in long service calls, which are often a turn-off for consumers. With the help of AI, you can also achieve upselling.

  1. Plan to Make Them Act – Call to Action

For the success of your website, you should plan to make the consumers act using call to action. The call to action should be so engaging that customers cannot reject. Visitors won’t put efforts to act; however, using attractive animations and luring them through gimmicks like “Let’s get started Free” or “Get XYZ for free on your next purchase.” These things will undoubtedly grab the attention of your ordinance and help you to meet your targeted outcome.

  1. Build Your Website with Style- Typography

Using plain old dull typography is a thing of the past. With the latest technologies and tools under disposal, we often miss the attractiveness and style that can uplift your website engagement by smart use of attractive typography. Make the words speak volumes and use them not only to give information but also for your site decoration.

Using the above smart tricks, you can build a website that will look smart, attractive, and engaging, helping you to grow your business exponentially.

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