14May, 2020

5 SMO Tips to Boost Your Website Ranking

If you are looking to build a solid online presence in order to attract the target audience to your brand, then you must not ignore SMO. Having a powerful social media presence directly boosts your search rankings. SMO is the process that involves increasing the awareness of the product or brand by using social media channels.

Here are 5 SMO tips to boost your website ranking :

  1. Embed Social Media Buttons in Your Site

You need to mix your social media and website together to boost your brand, and to improve your presence online. Incorporating social media buttons on your website is the easiest way to integrate your social profile into your website. Allowing users to login or signup using their social logins results in a better user experience, which in turn means more people registering on to your website.

  1. UseKeywords Wisely

Keywords have a significant role and if you don’t manage your social accounts in the right way, then you need to formulate a better strategy for social media. You need to balance your keywords and social media to provide the best exposure to your social media profiles. Your keywords and key phrases need to be wisely organized into details of your social media page like your page or company name. Adding keywords at the base level to your website lets you gain popularity in keyword google searches and also helps you rank higher in social network searches.

  1. Share Quality Content

Google Algorithm has undergone several improvements. But one aspect that has remained constant from the very start of SEO is the value of quality content. The content you are splitting on your social media has to be of high quality, it should place the reader in some interest.

  1. Optimize Your Posts for Searches

To expand your posts’ scope and exposure, you have to optimize your posts for the searches. To enhance their involvement, you need a good anchor for your post. The content you choose should have a simple, concise, and attention-grabbing title. You can use the appropriate hashtags to promote your content in a better way.The figure which hashtags are common in your niche and use them in your posts

  1. Build Your Follower Base

If your company maintains a Facebook and Twitter page and you still fail to get traffic from these social networking sites, then you probably need to reconsider your social media strategy. The overall followers and connections found in your social media profiles have a major impact on your website rankings. It is always better to have less number of genuine followers than more number of fake followers. You can grow organically, though it will be a slow process but surely more effective in the long run and in order to get the organic followers you should keep posting so as to engage your target audience.

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