30Jul, 2016

5 Simple Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Digital marketing is a limitless paradigm of concepts, which is still evolving to benefit the businesses out there. Here are 5 common mistakes people make in digital marketing and why avoiding them is a great need of the hour.


Mistake 1: Digital Marketing Is Not the Mainstream; Rather It Is Simply an Add-On

Most of the businesses make a mistake by taking digital marketing services or support as an add-on. They emphasize more on the conventional ways rather than digital marketing ways. They set separate budget and head for the digital marketing expenses. The world is evolving and the businesses that follow such mindset are making the biggest mistakes. Digital marketing should be the mainstream; rather it should run parallel with the conventional process because the coming days will compel you to adopt it when you see ample of digital competitors in the market selling the same products and services. So, it is ideal to do it now.



Mistake 2: Not Selecting Your Mainstream Digital Channel

 It is not necessary to be everywhere on social media; it is very important that you understand the power of various channels and accordingly plan your time and money. It depends on the involvement of your target audience as you can plan your schedules. Simply being everywhere and being nowhere is a waste of time and money.


Mistake 3: Not Being Mobile Ready

People today are not taking mobile so seriously, which is the biggest mistake. If you are not handy then you will not move. It does not mean that you need to have a separate mobile site; anything that is adaptable to mobile can work well. Therefore, for e-stores your payment gateways must be optimized for mobile. It’s not just for online stores; even if you are an eCommerce logistics provider India, a mobile-friendly website is a great advantage and can go a long way in growing your business.



Mistake 4: Not Speculating Data

 Putting your banners and marketing with branding images is a must, but something that is more important that most of the businessmen skip is analyzing the data. When you publish something, ample of comments, likes and follows flow in. Simply getting excited can be a nightmare, but in spite of being so excited, it is ideal to understand the response and speculate the data in flow. It is very necessary to address the quality leads and data so that we can go ahead with like minded groups and invest in the channels.


Mistake 5: Talking to Everyone Is Vague

Days are gone when hardcore selling worked and when people believed that talking is the ultimate process. Yes, it is true, but with the evolution of market talking to people has been redefined. Talk, but select with whom to talk. So, in such a context, analyzing the crowd is necessary in the digital marketing paradigm. Once you understand your target audience, affix the avenues for when and where aspects so that you can affirm your engagement levels and points. Such definitions can be made upon demographics and behavior.


These are top 5 mistakes businesses make in digital marketing. Many have understood their mistakes and moved on the right path with tremendous productivity and income. I wish I could start my digital marketing agency for $100 way back in 2009 through IPPEI.

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