25Aug, 2020

5 Link Building Mistakes to Avoid

If you are looking for a well-rounded SEO for your website, good quality link building is compulsory – this is a process easily carried out by effective SEO experts.Possessing knowledge of a high-quality and profitable link building strategy puts you apart from your adversaries.The following is a catalog of the 5 most common link building mistakes that must be avoided at all costs.

Purchasing Links

A faulty SEO link building practice is the purchasing and selling of backlinks. This may be shocking since most SEO experts have purchased links at one point in their job.Although search engines will never come to know which links were bought versus links that were naturally earned, there were plenty of clues or structures that can indicate foul play for search engine algorithms.Buying links, if caught, can harshly damage the website ranking – taking such a big risk of buying backlinks will hardly justify the prize, if any.

Not Breaking the Content

Big blocks of content can skillfully overwhelm visitors. They will probably get lost, bored, and finally leave your site.A long form handbook that’s a solid slab of text won’t convince anyone to link. In the same way, a huge infographic that continues forever may easily lose readers.

Not Creating Unique Content

This may seem apparent, but there is a bunch of content on the Internet that comes under the trendy and interesting category, yet fails to gain links.Regardless of what type of content one is building, they must have something that’s unique and sensational.

Linking to an Infamous Site

Never ever try to link to a site that has bad reputation such as spam sites, duplicate content site etc.Know that search engines definitely won’t prefer those sites and the ones that link to them. Just like that, getting backlinks from disreputable sites must always be avoided.

Getting Nofollow Links

Nofollow links are nowhere helpful for your website for ranking in search engines such as Google. Nonetheless, if you expect to rank first in Bing, then you may carry on building no-follow links. Otherwise, if you are only targeting Google, it is just a waste of time.

Spend a bit more time obtaining at least few dofollow incoming links. Although Google made it obvious that they dismiss the nofollow tag maximum of the time, if you are acting on building links, work on obtaining dofollow links.

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