23Jul, 2020

5 Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Site’s Google Ranking

Have you ever been apprehensive about starting a new website or blog for fear of not knowing the process of SEO optimisation? Or perhaps you just started a new blog, but it is not ranking on Google resulting in minimal traffic. Not to worry, to ensure that your content reaches a wide network of users, and even more importantly to meet your budgetary constrictions, listed below are free SEO Tools, the perfect solution to your ranking problems.

  1. Answer the Public

Majority of the SEO tools that you will use obtain data from a common place called the Google Keyword Planner. However, this free tool is different in the way of its functioning as it locates questions people ask on various platforms. The blogs and posts on social media sites.

And after this data collection, these questions are turned into effective keywords for you to use. It enables the user to find several keywords in mere seconds

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights 

One cause of lower google rankings is minimal site speed. The loading page speed is an essential attribute which directly influences the rankings of the website

This free tool that reviews the speed of your blog or website. And offers new suggestions to improve it. This tool is equipped with various features like it can give you a report of whether your site falls under the category of fast, average or slow within a stipulated period of time. It alongside providing suggestions to expand metrics, the tool also checks the website speed on both desktop and mobile devices.

  1. Woorank’s SEO & Website Analysis Tool

This free SEO tool, is an absolutely easy to user, Google Chrome extension. This helps the user in receiving a complete SEO score. And it exactly points out measures to improve the websites both on-page and Off-page SEO

One of the most scintillating features of this tool is the Marketing Checklist. Since most SEO tools only focus on weaker areas and problems and not on the solutions. But Woorank’s tool provides a detailed SEO checklist to assist with any issues.

  1. Ahrefs Backlink Checker 

Ahrefs is a tool that gives the user a backlink checker. With this, it enables the user to access and allows the check of Top 100 links pointing to any website.

This tool also demonstrates the anchor and domain text ratings. It is one of the powerful backlinks checkers that accurately investigate the top backlinks. This tool allows the conducting of a quick analysis of top backlinks.

  1. CanIRank

This tool is useful for answering a certain question like, for example, “Can I rank for this keyword?”Can I Rank is a tool that is a super-detailed keyword difficulty tool. There is usually a trend for free SEO tools i.e. what they provide the user is quite basic and generic data but CanIRank is unlike those other tools.

It is not a tool that gives you generic overviews but specifically informs you whether or not your blog or site can rank for a particular keyword.

  1. Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords as an SEO tool lets you find out creative and unique keyword ideas. It takes a wholly different tactic. Rather than pulling the seed keywords out of thin air, it asks the consumers regarding how they would usually search for you online.

The most crucial aspect of the tool is the Submit Query part. AS after the results for Seed Keywords are released, one user can perform a google search for the keywords that they were provided with by other people.

The more you familiarise yourselves with SEO tools, ranking and Indexing and whole other processes,the better the outcomes for your own business site or blog. Regardless of whether you own a business that offers eCommerce shipping solutions or software services or you just own an informative personal blog, these tools can most certainly help in improving the Google ranking of your website.

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