11Aug, 2020

5 B2B Digital Marketing Strategies Marketers Should Try in 2020

In the past 15 years, we have witnessed an exponential growth in marketing technology, digital marketing,digital advertising, and a plethora of other methods and techniques.

Driven by technology, marketing has gone through a spectacular period of growth between 2005 and 2010. Things have blown up. Today, it is possible to simply send out a large number of emails as well as target audience in a moment. Technology has improved; tools have been continually refined, and each and everything has been moving ahead with maximum speed. There has been an incredible digital marketing industry growth.Read on to find out a few B2B digital marketing strategies marketers should try in 2020.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

This year will witness an increasing number of businesses set to test out account-based marketing due to the fact that reported outcomes are simply positive enough to not ignore.Nonetheless, the success of this plan is dependent upon the relationship as well as synchronization among the sales and marketing teams. Cooperation between sales and marketing departments might help marketers to find the best possibilities within this target market for an ABM plan.

This kind of technique and interdependence between sales and marketing teams is also favorable for smaller organizations. ABM enables small businesses to better concentrate on marketing tasks.

Adoption of Automation in Marketing

The content marketing chain is old enough for automation at almost every phase. Starting from keyword research till creation to publishing and distribution, the expansion of tools for marketing automation, platforms and plugins have led to content becoming more efficient as well as cost-effective than before.

Real marketing automation systems are employed by 44% of B2B companies for digital marketing industry growth, even though other kinds of marketing boast of even higher rates of adoption. These technologies are often combined, so automation is almost completely inevitable in today’s marketing field.

No More Cheap Websites

Pre-created themes on WordPress are universal. They’re inexpensive to purchase, simple to expand on and very fast to work with.Despite all of this, we are seeing popular companies shifting away from pre-built, cheap sites this year.Companies either invest in expanding expensive customized WordPress sites tailored fora distinct experience or renovate their former sites.New websites created on existing themes or frameworks are no more as impressive as they used to be. And we expect this trend to continue in 2020.

Google PPC

Google Ads is highly advanced and getting easier to use. Presently, this has led to almost every single B2B firm to use search engine ads in one way or the other.However, this has increased the cost in several aspects.Google Ads search is virtually like an auction. Google is told what one is ready to pay when a person clicks on their ads and then it determines whether or not to show up.However, you don’t simply “bid on keywords”. Google allows you to match approximately or very precisely.

That implies that giants with multi-million-dollar budgets for PPC may increase bids on keywords that are nowhere related to them. Let’s say you wish to incorporate “software” in a keyword.You probably need to pay around $40-50 per click due to competitors that are not even related to your field. “Automation” and “AI” also give similar rates.2020 will see firms shift their bidding plans to focus specifically on the buyer and their needs.

The Rise of Social Media

More than 80% of all B2B marketers opine that social media happens to be the most profitable lead channel for their business (a rise from 63% in 2019). The survey also showed that 73% marketers desire to boost their investment on paid campaigns on social media.

Facebook still remains the top social media channel for B2B marketers. However, competitors are always increasing: more than 50% of the respondents in the study have included Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube also as their preferred channels. LinkedIn is lagging behind in adoption, though it is great for lead generation, effective for 44% marketers for generating leads.

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