23Dec, 2016

4 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring an SEO Firm

If your SEO consultant guarantees you that they can get your site number one ranking in the search engine then just turn your back and save yourself from such unethical professionals. It’s nearly impossible to guarantee someone on such grounds. Getting your website optimized is the best way to generate leads for your business. Good ranking in search engines will ensure good visibility and branding of your company. Consequently, your organization will have better bottom line than before. It’s not possible to do this by yourself. Only an experienced professional knows how to get the algorithm right to rank good in search engines. But before hiring an SEO firm you might have to ask few important questions.

Know About Their Game Plan

Make sure you ask about their plan of action. Know in detail about their methods and steps for achieving the goal they have promised. Ask for a tentative time frame. They should be able to tell you the time frame required to achieve a good ranking based on your current status. Discuss the strategies in detail so that you have a fair idea of the deliverables. A good SEO firm must be updated with recent SEO guidelines that keep changing. They should adhere and follow best SEO practices and webmasters guidelines.


Clientele Information

Information about their clientele can help you judge their credibility. You can even make an extra effort to get feedback from them about their experience. This information can be even extracted from the SEO firm’s website. Look at their testimonials page and customer base in the website. In fact, check out their rankings in the search engine. If the SEO firm has not achieved good ranking for itself then you may expect the kind of result for yourself.

Success Measurement Techniques

You must be able to see measurable positive difference in your business when the SEO is being done. Google Analytics can help you to track the traffic source and frequency for every time frame. The SEO firm has to be an expert in Google analytics. Only with its help, you can know the improvement in the rankings of your site and the keywords that are diverting and driving the traffic to your site.

Break Up Of Their Commission

Ask for the breakup of their fees. Get to know what all is included in their charges. There shouldn’t be too much difference from the industry standards. Go through their terms and conditions thoroughly to avoid any confusion in future.

Knowing the answers to these questions from the SEO firm can help in better evaluating them.

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