04Apr, 2017

3 Factors Customers Ponder Over before Signing the Dotted Lines with any IaaS Provider

When customers looking for IaaS providers Google for the same, they may get numerous blogs and articles listing top 5 or 6 things they should consider before choosing a provider but almost all of them talk about the same thing. The reason behind this is that most providers actually offer the same set of things. Let us see what these things are. Typically, an IaaS provider offers secure facilities, 99.99% guaranteed uptimes, software as per industry standard, certified or trained staff etc. This is why it becomes difficult to choose the right provider as differentiation beyond specification and cost becomes very difficult. Keeping this in mind we mention 3 factors that informed customers actually ponder upon before they fix a deal with an IaaS provider.

  1. Responsiveness: Whether you offer fully managed services or not, there will come times when as a provider you will have to make changes. It can be adjustment of storage parameters, or tweaking one of the firewalls or any of the many small changes that can possibly come up. Customers want to know how long you would take to make these changes. Some of the customers also look for agreement that includes your response time and as a provider you must honor it. This is crucial as there have been many instances in the past when businesses had to wait for weeks or even months at a stretch to get one single port.
  2. Clear Policy on Charges: This is probably the most important factor customers are little wary about. Many IaaS providers offer a so-called well defined policy for charges but there are certain terms and conditions that hidden and lead to extra costs at a later stage. Nothing frustrates a customer more than this. What they find to their horror that even a simple request sometimes incur charges. These providers don’t charge a lot at the initial period but it all adds up during the overall contract period. This actually is the way of earning by many of the providers. This is exactly the reason why a clear charges policy is very important.
  3. Ease of Working: This is where most of the customers often get stuck as it is probably the hardest one to find out. After the contract is signed the customers rarely get to deal with the technical staff, instead they only get to deal with the sales team. It often is not possible to work with a dedicated person that takes care of a particular client, which is exactly what a customer wants to have. Above all it is important to treat the customer right all throughout even before the contract is signed and there should be no change in behaviour even post contract signing.  

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